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Photo-Quality Image Submission
Terms & Conditions

By sending Crump's Magna Designs my photo-image, I agree to the following:

1.  The image(s) are original works of art that I created without any usage restrictions imposed on them.

2.  The image(s) are royalty-free for use by Crump's Magna Designs.

3.  The image(s) do not contain any graphic scenes, nudity, or any adult content, or do not violate any laws.

4.  I agree to indemnify Crump's Magna Designs from any legal action in regards to the image(s) I send to them.


1.  Crump's Magna Designs does not in any way guarantee that your image(s) will be posted, or that they will be posted for any amount of time and can be removed at our sole discretion.

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