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Easy To Use

Crump's Magna Window is very easy to use.

The top of each Magna Window frame has an open slot which is used to easily slide in calendars, scenic backgrounds, family photos and more!

What's more, Crump's Magna Window can be placed just about anywhere. Crump's Magna Window includes magnetic strips to adhere to refrigerators, locker doors and other metallic surfaces.

Crump's Magna Window also includes plastic clips with foam tape backing to secure your Magna Window to non-metallic surfaces.

Additionally, each Magna Window Marker cap attaches to the unique frame design to ensure that your marker stays firmly secured to your Magna Window.

Magna Window comes in a variety of sizes to suit any need:
3 " x 5 " 5 " x 7" 7" x 11"
8 " x 11" 11" x 14"  

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