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Photo-Quality Changeable Backgrounds


Crumps offers a wide variety of photo-quality changeable backgrounds. Each Magna Window® comes with one photo-quality background, and we offer even more backgrounds. Currently, we offer the following categories: Sports, Holidays, Farm, Seasons, & Landscapes.

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New! - Send Us Your Picture Backgrounds To Share With Others!

Got any photos that you use in your Crumps Magna Window®? Share them with others on this site! Just send us your picture and we'll post it here for others to download free of charge.

Instructions: attach your picture to an email and be sure and briefly describe your picture. Please see our terms regarding photo submission before submitting any images.

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Additional Information:

  • High quality Getty Images are used
  • Five Categories include: Sports, Landscapes, Farm, Holidays, and Seasons, with each featuring a set of four images
  • Four images can be rotated out of its clear protective Picture Pocket™
  • Available in all five frame sizes
  • Must be ordered in sets of four per category above
  • All four images are stored inside the frame

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